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Opening hours : Tuesday - Saturday 2pm at 7pm 
Morning by appointment

Accès :

Bus : 96 arrêt Saint Claude

Metro : ligne 1 - station Saint Paul

            ligne 8 - station Chemin vert

Sit Down Gallery

Established in Le Marais area in Paris, close to Picasso Museum, SIT DOWN gallery has been founded by Françoise Bornstein in 2005 and is member of Le Comité Professionnel des Galeries d’Art.
Since 2013, the gallery is entirely devoted to photography and its programming consists primarily of documentary and fine-art photography. 
The gallery aims to defend young emerging photographers (Alisa Resnik, Aurore Bagarry…) and support renowned major international photographers such as Tom Wood, Yan Morvan, Jérôme Brézillon and Sacha Van Dorssen. 
In addition to organizing personal exhibitions, Françoise Bornstein also invites curators to participate in exhibition projects during special events or art fairs. 
Through artist representation, SIT DOWN gallery has established itself as a major figure in documentary photography and opens its doors to the creativity of young photographers who develop new vision of this medium.