Anne-Lise BROYER




Grand Palais Éphémère



Born in 1975 in France. Lives and works in Paris, France.
Graduated as a photographer and a typographer, Anne-Lise Broyer’s practice of photography is therefore peculiar, eager to simultaneously follow paths of graphic design, drawing and writing; looking through this hybridization to generate a kind of photographic literature, questioning the link between photography and artist books and trying to bring an unusual research in the display design of each one of her exhibition. Her series all have in common a narrative framework, given by a text or novel she has read. Anne-Lise Broyer does not tend to illustrate, but it’s being a reader that she confronts the world, and the experience of photography often merges with the exceptional experience of reading. For Anne-Lise Broyer, what initiated and still launches the creative act is the experience of reading. For each image, she produces the transcription of a more or less old disturbance forged by her readings. Places which she photographed haven’t been read before being actually seen.

Would the places she photographs have already been read before being seen?

She wishes to make of the place of revelation that the photograph or the drawing represents the analogon of a mental space where something would take shape, a memory, a reminiscence or a vision, a fantasy… The photographic narratives thus constructed, in this necessity to restore the evidence of a text.