Catherine NOURY


After “Histoires naturelles“ presented at the Sit Down gallery in 2012, and exposure in various festivals, art centers and museums, for several years Catherine Noury opened a new page of her work, in an ever-present link with the living and observed reality, under the generic title “ To pay attention “.

Always, it is a question of looking at everything with the same attention, from the smallest to the largest, of giving importance to fragile, banal, vulnerable presences as well as to those that are beyond us. And to emphasize through often poetic suggestion their common need to be there, and our ability to be affected by them.

Born in Lorient, Catherine Noury lives and works in Paris. She studied literature and linguistics, then became photographer for twenty years. She also published three books at Filigranes editions and exhibited at l’Imagerie, La Filature, the Atlantic Center of Photography, Lectoure’s festival…

Today, she is working as a visual artist in connection with the landscape and its relationship with humans. She also likes to freely combine photography, drawing, volume and text to construct stories. Catherine Noury shows her work in the form of exhibitions, artist books and catalog editions. Along with her artistic work, she teaches plastic expression in graphic design schools.

For the past few years, I have been working as we open windows on vacant lots.
There live there, wasteland, horizons, lots of clouds, my brothers the humans on their wandering roads, and the dazzling green of the grasses that open the way.
In the tumult of the world, in the tight heart of cities, I look for them
On the shores of uncertain oceans, I seek them
In the swaying clouds, I’m looking for them In the joints of the stones and the stubbornness of the rocks,
I still look for them
And from this lack of outline to precarious poetry begins to emerge a navigable life.
Between sky and earth
Here and there
Between the lines
In the heart of the dark lit by fireflies “

Catherine Noury