Villes de cinéma

From Cairo to Rome, from Hollywood to Babelsberg, from Paramount to Fox, Laure Vasconi has strolled, roamed, wandered, and dreamed – always armed by her artificial limb, her camera. In more or less dormant or abandoned studios, she has observed the backstage of twentieth century dream factories, capturing the upside-down and inside-out : the unconscious cinema taking place behind the silver screen.

Merry Christmas

At Christmas time in Los Angeles, it is not only the firs that are decorated with sparkling lights but entire streets. “Merry Christmas” of Laure Vasconi, the traditional Christmas decorations that illuminate the suburbs of Los Angeles.



Villes de cinéma

SIT DOWN gallery

10.10.2015 – 07.11.2015


Merry Christmas

SIT DOWN gallery

06.12.2013 – 04.01.2014


Born in Stuttgart in 1965, Laure Vasconi lives and works in Paris.

She studied architecture at Paris-Belleville and photography at ICP (New York). She starts by assisting many photographers of the agency Magnum while carrying out her personal research. 

During the past decade, Laure Vasconi has worked with the press, including: Les Inrockuptibles, Libération, Le Monde…, as well as with institutions including: Théâtre de l’Odéon, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, L’Opéra de Paris, Comédie Française, among others; and works individually for: EMOC “Odeon Theatre” site supervision (2003-2006), the 10-years of Naïve, Carte Blanche on the “Traces of Vivaldi” in Venice, for INA “Company Portrait” (2007-2008). Concerned by the question of memory, urbanism and landscape, she is currently working on the mutation of the Grand Paris and participates in the Photographic mission FTL (France(s) Territoire Liquide) (editions Seuil) and the exhibition Paysages Français at the BNF.

She also conducts internships in schools and as part of the Arles Festival and publishes several books with Filigranes or Le Point du Jour. Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad:

Paris: Carrousel du Louvre, Les Frigos, l’Odeon, le TCI , le Bon Marché, la Fnac.

Provence : Gap-La Passerelle, Mulhouse-La Filature, Brest-Le Quartz, Marseille-Galerie De Visu,

Nancy-Centre André Malraux. Abroad : Barcelone-Fondation Metronom et Institut Français.


Exhibitions selection


Cité(s) dans le texte 2, Espace Gainville, Aulnay-sous-Bois


October : Cité(s)…, as part of France(s) Territoire Liquide, Bibliothèque Nationale

de France, Paris, France

February : Cité(s)…, France(s) Territoire Liquide, as part of the exchange year France-Colombia, Médéline, Colombia

May : Cité(s)…, France(s) Territoire Liquide, as part of the exchange year France-Colombia, Bogotta, Colombia


Cité(s)…, as part of France(s) Territoire Liquide, Lyon, France

Regards croisés sur la mode, Institut Français Phnom Pehn, Cambodia

Villes de Cinéma, Espace Saint Cyprien, Toulouse, France

Cité(s)…, France(s) Territoire Liquide, Espace Saint Cyprien, Toulouse, France


Cité(s)…, France(s) Territoire Liquide, La Conserverie, Metz, France

Villes de Cinéma, MK2 Bibliothèques, Paris, France

Villes de Cinéma, Sit Down gallery, Paris, France

Villes de Cinéma, Huit gallery, Arles, France


Nuit Américaine, Filature de Mulhouse, France

France(s) Territoire Liquide, Tri Postal, Lille, France

Villes de Cinéma, Dityvon gallery, Angers, France


Merry Christmas, Sit Down gallery, Paris, France


Merry Christmas, Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Out of control, Biennale Photo, Liège, Belgium


50 ans de Photographie Française2019, Michel Poivert, Editions Textuel

L’Après Jour, 2019, Editions Filigranes

Paysages Français, 2017, Editions BNF

Villes de Cinéma2017, Editions de la Fondation Fellini

Traqueuse de Fantômes, 2014, Editions Mediapop

Carnets 1 et 2 Merry Christmas, 2012, Editions Filigranes

Fictions Intimes, 2005, Editions Filigranes

Carnet de Création, 2004, Editions de l’oeil

Faux Frère, 2000, Point du Jour

Souvenirs du Futur, 1999, Editions Filigranes