Si c’était…

This serie puts on view a very personal portrait of this reserved and discreet artist through a selection of photographs taken from her work as a whole, in order to better discover the meanings behind her works which may be described as elegant as the photographer herself.

Sensibilité 64 ASA – Le Maroc

Taken on the fringes of her fashion photographs, these images mostly made on Kodachrome films reveal us an authentic Morocco. As usual, the light is natural and soft, the eye of Sacha remains unchanged: it does not seek the poses skilfully studied but rather the simple and fair representation of men and women without artifice with sublimated elegance.



Sensibilité 64 ASA – Le Maroc

SIT DOWN gallery

06.11.2014 – 27.12.2014


Si c’était…

SIT DOWN gallery

29.01.2011 – 19.03.2011

Sacha van Dorssen was born in Holland, in Rotterdam where she began her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Sint Joost in Breda in 1960. In 1963 she arrived in Paris and started her a career as a fashion photographer. It was at this moment in time, that she decided to adopt the name, Sacha. Working foremost as a Fashion photographer for four decades, her work can be found within a large variety of French and foreign magazines, as well as publicity campaigns.

In 1964, at the beginning of her Parisian career, Sacha was a regular contributor for the magazine Elle. Throughout the sixties she continued to develop her style in the context of fashion; working in England with Harpers Bazaar and the Sunday Times magazine.

In 1977, she started a close collaboration with the magazine Marie Claire that lasted for over 20 years. Both sensual and striking, Sacha’s photos continued to grace the pages of influential and respected magazines such as British Vogue, Stern, Harper’s Bazaar Italy, Marie Claire bis, GQ and American Elle.

From 1977, with the Éditions du Regard, her photographs were published in reference books dedicated to fashion (Fortuny, Christian Dior, Old England…) and at the beginning of the eighties; her photos reached a new audience beyond the pages of fashion magazines.

In 1984, Hermès chooses Sacha to collaborate with their magazine Le Monde d’Hermès. Likewise, Louis Vuitton assigned her as photographer for their publication. Also at that time, Sacha participated in the adventure that was the advertising agency ‘Mafia’, with whom she created campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent and L’Or, and many more.

Sacha currently continues to work for the magazine Bloom.

The exhibition “si c’était…”Sacha, portrait chinois, offers the opportunity to view a selection of photographs, taken from all points in her career, most having never been shown to the public before.




Supporter of the 6th festival “Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert”


Cannes, la Croisette, guest of the 11th festival international de la Photographie de Mode et Beauté

Arles, Huit gallery with the Sit Down gallery


Marrakech, La Mamounia

Dali, China, 4th Festival International de la photo, pavillon français


Paris, Institut Néerlandais, retrospective

Paris, Sit Down gallery

Paris, Espace Dupon


La Garde Freinet, La Chapelle Saint Jean


Naarden, Netherlands, Grote Kerk


Cologne, Germany, Photokina

Published works (books)

1977 Women on Women, Aurum Press, London.

1979 Mario Fortuny, Éditions du Regard.

1987 Dior, par Françoise Giroud, Éditions du Regard.

1992 André Putman, Éditions du Regard.

2002 Old England, Éditions du Regard.

2011 Sacha, par Gabriel Bauret, Éditions du Chêne

Published works (magazine)

1999-2010 Bloom Magazine

1992 American Elle

1991-1993 Louis Vuitton catalogue

1990-1995 Marie Claire UK

1989-1990 Marie Claire Spain

1987-1990 Vogue Hommes

1984 collaboration with the magazine Le Monde d’Hermès

1982-1988 GQ

1981 Dépêche mode

1980-1984 Linea Italiana

1980-1990 Marie Claire bis

1977-1980 Harper’s Bazaar Italy

1977-1999 collaboration with Marie Claire

1970-1975 collaboration with Stern

1970 The Daily Telegraph Magazine

1970 British Vogue

1970-1977 regular work for Elle

1967 The Sunday Times Magazine

1966 children’s fashion for Harper’s Bazaar UK

1964-1967 regular collaboration with Elle

Advertising campaigns

1983 – 1984 L’Or

1979 Yves Saint Laurent

1974 Dim

1974 Coppertone

1973 Chesterfield

1973 Caron


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