Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos (Tant que nous serons en vie, nous nous verrons)

“« SQEVNV » is a series that deals with violence in Latin America, or rather a certain urgency to live. I began this work in 2015 in Venezuela, the country at that time was entering a great crisis of violence and I confess that I was overwhelmed by the electric atmosphere that Caracas could have. The danger extinguished palpable at every exit and I began to develop a kind of fascination with the adrenaline that it gave me.

The title of my series is an abbreviation of the sentence « Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos » which means « as long as we are alive we will see each other ». That was the last sentence Yair said to me, he was a gang leader from Caracas. It’s a phrase tattooed in my heart. The awareness of his own end had something terrible and sublime at the same time. Yair was murdered two months later. I returned several times to Latin America (Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil) my eyes were alert to the scars of this continent. I met other people there and all of them had to teach me about life and death. All of them led me to try to understand why this continent was prey to a kind of Eros and Thanatos violence.

Photography allowed me to translate this insolent sensuality that sweats.”


Céline Croze  (Interview by Valentine Zeler)





He said
You stayed,
You’ve listened to the crying sand
You’ve touched what lied beneath the earth You’ve slept like a slut with the moon You’re not a stranger.
Did you eat death in the earthquake?
I’m sure you did
You are mi nena…
You sweat, you live,
You accepted your vices as the island did. You felt into the rift

Céline Croze




Sit Down Gallery


Celine Croze was born in Casablanca (Morocco). She continued her studies in France where she obtained a Master in Performing Arts, then specializes in image at ESEC and EICTV in Cuba. She began her career as an assistant operator on feature films such as “Ixcanul” by Jayro Bustamante (Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival 2015) or “Las herederas” by Marcello Martinessi (Silver Bear Berlin Festival 2018). In parallel to her career in film, Celine has developed several photographic and video projects. Sensitive to the cracks that our society is going through, Celine uses film codes to show a story, transgressing the world around it, interfering in the fault of those it watches. Her various works as a photographer and video artist were presented at the Billboard Festival in Casablanca (2015), the Marrakech Biennale in 2016, the Paraguay Biennale (El ojo Salvaje – 2018), the Tangier Photography Foundation (2019). Her Dummy Book “Nothing Happened” was also selected for Dummy Award Photobook of Kassel and the Foam Dummy Book Award from Istanbul in 2018. In 2019 her series “Nothing Happened” was selected at the Festival Encontros Da imagem for the Discovery Awards 2019 (Braga, Portugal) and was the winner of the Festival In Cadaqués with “SQEVNV”. She just win the Revelation Price between Festival Map and Face à la mer with “SQEVNV”.

Individual and collective exhibitions



SQEVNV, Solo Exhibition at Festival Instantes (Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Avintes), April 2021, Portugal

Nothing Happened, Solo Exhibition, Rencontres de la jeune photographie internationale de Niort (CACP), April 2021


Billboard Festival, Collective Exhibition commissionnée par Hanne Lise Thomsen, Istanbul, Turquie, October 2020


Lauréate du prix Fisheye x Nicéphore : Du sacré au profane. Collective Exhibition at the biennale internationale de photographie Nicephore, Clermont Ferrand, October 2020 -Collective Exhibition at the international biennale de photographie Nicephore, Clermont Ferrand, Octobre 2020


SQEVNV, Finaliste pour le prix Maison Blanche Marseille, section projection, October 2020 Selection par FRESH EYES and Gup magazine des 100 talent émergents Européen 2020SQEVNV , Exposition personnel virtuelle (cause COVID) au Festival MAP, Toulouse Mai 2020Mourrakouch, Projection Festival Locomotion, Nancy, Novembre 2019


SQEVNV , exposition collective au Festival In Cadaques, Espagne, Septembre 2019Nothing Happened sélectionné pour la projection Discovery Awards 2019 du Festival Encontros da imagem, Braga, Portugal, Septembre 2019
Nouvelles Ecritures Exposition Collective à la Fondation de la Photographie, Tanger, Maroc, Août 2019


Silencio Exposition personnel dans le cadre du mois de la photo El ojo Salvaje à Asuncion, Paraguay, 2018
Nothing Hapenned Photobook exposition, Sélectionné au Kassel Dummy Award 2018,Nothing Hapenned Photobook exposition, Sélectionné au FUAM dummy book award,Istanbul, 2018


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Luna llena ) Casablanca, Maroc, 2015


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