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Jean-Michel ANDRÉ
Exhibition presented from November 5th to December 11th, 2021, as part of the Photos Days tour.
Borders #22 ©Jean-Michel André courtesy galerie Sit Down


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Group show with : 

Jean-Michel ANDRÉ 


Catherine HENRIETTE 




Remember Nature

The notion of nature as a remedy for the ills of civilization is not new and nature has always been at the heart of photography. The current health crisis and existing climate problems have made us aware of the importance of the physical world around us, its fragility and how essential these landscapes are to our lives.

The three women artists presented here each have a particular approach to their environment and reveal their singular view of three French regions.

Aurore BAGARRY lives in Saint-Brieuc and explores the notion of natural borders. With her camera, she focuses her gaze on the geology of the cliffs of the Channel coast and offers us mineral and meditative landscapes.

Catherine HENRIETTE follows the paths of the Cirque de Lescun in the Bearn Pyrenees and shares with us her solitary walks from which emerge intimate images of contemplation. Her framing – for the most part in portrait format – reinvents the codes of the photographic genre.

Valérie WINCKLER takes us for a walk in the small wood of the Citadel on the island of Yeu. In this tangle of reflections and shapes, the photographer plays with the light and dialogues with this plant world.  

On the occasion of the publication of Irish Work, by RRB Photobooks, a part of the booth will also be dedicated to a long-term work by Tom WOOD on his country of origin, where he returns to every year since 1975. Vintage or unpublished prints where bucolic landscapes alternate with intimate portraits and family photos. We find the same connivance with his subjects as with the inhabitants of Liverpool, his adopted city for twenty-five years.

The series Borders, by Jean-Michel ANDRÉ, is a long-term project looking at the dream of those who flee their homelands for a new El Dorado. As in his previous work, André explores notions of economic and migratory flow. Rather than holding to a strictly documentary model, the work subscribes to a narrative style that’s neither linear nor predetermined.