Forthcoming exhibition : 

03-11-20 > 04-25-20


Charles XELOT 

There is Gaz under the Tundra


BnF François Mitterrand
12-19-19 > 03-29-20
Bourse du Talent

exhibition of the 2019 winners

Charles XÉLOT
Ligne de rupture
Winner in the Landscape category

BnF François Mitterrand

Allée Julien Cain – Quai François-Mauriac

(entrance rue Émile-Durkheim)

75013 Paris

Le Silencio

01-15-20 > 03-28-20


Looking for love


Le Silencio

142 rue Montmartre

75002 Paris


Tuesday to Saturday 6pm to 6am

On registration :
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