Chantal STOMAN

An hour away from Tokyo, there is Ōme an unknown city. Unknown from tourists. Unknown from Japanese.

Nevertheless, it had glorious days. Ōme was one of the epicenters of auteur and hollywoodian cinema. People came from far to discover the films projected there. But then came the 1970s, one by one, the cinemas closed their doors. The cinema-enthusiasts ceased to come. Gradually, Ōme was forgotten.

Forty years later, by some absolute chance, I fell upon this city. I had just rediscovered Ōme.

Ōme is so many stories. That of an exceptional relationship with art from abroad. That, unfortunately so universal, of a decline. That of a relation to the past and to the memory, days of yore onto which officials and inhabitants are attached with so much emotion.

Convoking reality to invoke the past and let imagination free, I wish to give back life to Ōme. The work I’d like to carry out would be artistic, documentary and memorial at the same time.

Ōmecittà is the story of a travelling in this forgotten city of cinema.


Chantal Stoman 




Galerie Sit Down

6 juin au 19 juillet 2019


Chantal Stoman is a French, Paris-based photographer. 

The work of Chantal Stoman is part of an approach based on a thorough observation of the relationship between man and his intimacy and the City.



She began with A WOMAN’S OBSESSION, observing the special relationship between Japanese women and the world of European luxury brands. 



Broadening her focus, it is from the elevated freeways that Chantal Stoman continued to observe the humanity hidden in the heart of the major cities of the world with LOST HIGHWAY, A PHOTO PROJECT. Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Cairo, Hong Kong, Mumbai, LOST HIGHWAY tells this tale shared by the great cities, where borders no longer exist.



This passion for the contemporary and its massive embodiment – the «city-world», in a continuous extension from  Tokyo to Sao Paulo – does not hinder the sensivity of her vision of the vertical city and how we live in the thickness of Time. 



The work realized by Chantal Stoman, first in Rome, then in Jerusalem, through her projects L’IMAGE CULTE and WALKING DISTANCE, testifies to a tropism towards «myth cities». These cities narrate History and their history so profoundly. Her attention to details – the tracking of a sense, a direction – introduces a questioning, a poetic suspense, adding to the photography the promise of a continuation. 



In 2016, invited for an artist-in-residence in Cambodia, she immersed herself in the intimacy of Phnom Penh, a city she knew nothing about, giving birth to a new project ; VIEWS.



Chantal Stoman is now working on a new photographic project entitled ŌMECITTA, thanks to the CNAP’s support for contemporary documentary photography. A complementary video project between cinema, art and documentary is also in progress.