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08/10/2016 – 29/10/2016


Marie Maurel de Maillé is a French artist, born in 1978 in Lyon.
She lives and works in Paris.
She studied at the Fine Art School of Saint-Etienne, (France) 1997-2002, and was an Artistic member of the Casa de Velázquez, French Academy in Spain (Madrid) 2011-2012.
Her work has been shown in France : Le Bleu du Ciel in Lyon (2019), Le Château d’Eau, Toulouse (2014), Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles (2008), in Italy : Spilimbergo Fotografia Festival (2015), in Spain : PhotoEspaña, Madrid (2012), Fotonoviembre, Tenerife, in Luxembourg : Casino Luxembourg (2007), in Romania : National Museum of the Romanian Literature.