Winter tale

Summer tale

For around thirty years, Catherine Henriette has been observing China, with its economic, cultural and social evolution. Thirty years in which the pulse of the country has been racing. Things have been moving fast. Too fast. The landscapes and cities have been transformed, becoming alienated and spoilt. Everything is being sacrificed in the name of development and profit. At any price.

As a firsthand witness to this frenzy, Catherine Henriette wanted to pause time and pick up her Leica camera and rolls of film, like an easel. She wanted to stop and play with the vanishing points and the figures, with modern China as a backdrop, photographed like a shifting mirage.

The patient waiting for pure lines and outlines, the subtle constancy of the emerging image… It was like a tale halfway between reality and her imagination.


Catherine Henriette has been living on the Basque Coast for 20 years, moving to the rhythm of its tides, its changing moods and its improbable light. She had never imagined photographing her everyday life, perhaps because she was scared of déjà vu. But a chance photo changed her mind, the result being so different to what she knew. She decided to go further with a Hasselbad, a few lenses and a scooter. This was essential kit for following the tribe of surfers in Volkswagen buses and wetsuits migrating from beach to beach with the tides – the “lefts,” the “rights” (waves) and the sacrosanct SWELL.



Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été

Paris Photo FAIR

08.11.2018 – 11.11.2018


Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été

La chambre de la collectionneuse, Paris

April 2017

Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été

Salon What’s up Photo Doc. 

Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris

February 2017


Born in 1960, Catherine Henriette lives between Paris and le Pays basque.

After studying Chinese, she arrived in Beijing in 1985 and began a career as a press photographer. Engaged by the France Presse Agency at the time of Tiananmen events in 1989, she left China in 1991 and since has work for many magazines.for various magazines.

Personal exhibitions


January : Conte d’hiver conte d’été Hermès, Paris.


October : Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été, Beaupréau ,Vendée

September : Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été, Beaufou, Vendée

May : Conte d’hiver, conte d’été Photo Doc documentary photo festival, Paris

February : Conte d’hiver, conte d’été, galerie Sitdown, Paris


Conte d’été, Galerie Cosmos, Paris


Conte d’hiver, Conte d’été, Académie des Beaux Arts, Paris


January : Harbin la blanche, Maison de la Chine, Paris

February : Harbin la blanche, Galerie Leica, Solms, Germany

December : Harbin la blanche, galerie Leica, Salsburg, Austria


Harbin la Blanche Galerie Cosmos, Paris


Ethiopie Itinérances, Maison de Rimbaud, Harar for the French Embassy during a colloquium on the poet

Collective exhibitions

2011 Ethiopie itinérances Affordable Art Fair Paris

2010 Photographs of Beijing Affordable Art Fair Paris

2009 Les 50 ans de la République Populaire de Chine Maison de la Chine, Paris

2003 Photographies de Chine Terre d’Images festival, Biarritz

2002 Les 20 ans de GEO Terre d’Images festival, Biarritz


2016 Conte d’hiver, conte d’été, Editions Filigranes, Paris

2006 Ethiopie Itinérances, Editions Mengès, Paris

2005 Pays Basque en lumières, Editions Atlantica, Biarritz


2016 Eurazeo finalist for the series “Swell,” Paris

2013 Prix de l’Académie des Beaux Arts prize for the series “Conte d’hiver, conte d’été”