In the snowy landscape soft heights of Fukushima, Florian Ruiz have captured the invisible pain of radiation. Inspired by the drawings and the artwork of Utagawa Hiroshige’s Japanese engravings, he hoped to capture the fleeting moments, the movements of climatic phenomena, and the ever-shifting perceptions of nature, where radiation accumulates themost.

With a geiger counter, he measured the radioactive contamination’s  presence in becquerels (Bq), a unit that expresses atom disintegration and its mutation’s number per second. By a process of staggered superimpression, he intended to show the atom’s alteration in his pictures. The transparency effects, the broken  perspectives give rise to a shape that is in motion, an impermanent world as in traditional Japanese engravings.

Then, he created a vibration, a departure from the reality of the subject that reveals the presence of radiation in the image. The process reinvents and twists the very landscape, leading to a sort of vertigo or malaise, a threatening danger hidden behind the purity of the white of the landscapes. As the disturbing whiteness of Moby Dick, whiteness object of terror for the Man, the purity of the white contrasts with the presence of the invisible stain of radioactivity.

Florian Ruiz presents his Project 596, a photographic work realized from 2014 to 2019 in which the photographer focuses on the old salt lake Lop Nor, in China, located in Xinjiang province in the north-west of the country. Now almost dried-up, it served as a nuclear weapons testing site from 1964 to 1996. The first Chinese nuclear bomb test in 1964 was named “Project 596”. Nowadays, the region is still very contaminated and China recognized in 2008 the existence of health problems among civilians and military personnel due to radiation exposure. Florian Ruiz reveals the presence of the danger of radioactivity by measuring the radioactive contamination with a geiger counter. He wanted to show, by a digital process, a reality modified by the presence of invisible radioactivity. The process reinvents and twists the landscape, leading to a kind of vertigo or malaise, a threatening danger hidden behind the landscapes. Here too, Florian Ruiz succeeds in sublimating the ugliness of these spaces, creating pale blue landscapes.

Project 596 is a series resolutely representative of atmospheres. The photographer translates a subjective universe of impression: the image is present to translate the emotion, the feeling that a landscape gives us. Florian Ruiz shows us landscapes resulting from a chaotic and unstable world, while underlining the permanence of beauty within them.







La Contamination blanche

Paris Photo FAIR

08.11.2018 – 11.11.2018


After studying law and history, Florian Ruiz develops a documentary approach to the desperate social world marked by disillusion. He then take a look at the intimacy of the prostitutes’ rooms at Pakistan, photograph the shipbreaking of Bangladesh and tell the story of a Mongolian mining town.

Settled for ten years in Tokyo, marked by the disaster of Fukushima, in his recent works, Florian Ruiz sought to test the bounds of photography by challenging its ability to put in image the invisible danger of the radioactivity. He is using assembly, collage, super impression; processes that reinvent and twist the very landscape.

His work was the object of numerous publications (Le Monde Magazine, Magazine European Photography…) and he was rewarded by several prices: Sony World Photography, QPN Award,Bourse du Talent, Felix Schoeller…)


Lens Culture Art Photography Adward 2018 : Special Jury Prize
Sony World Photography Awards (for Creativity) 2018 : winner
Bourse du Talent 2017: ‘Coup de coeur’ of the jury (section paysage)
Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017: nominated.
Fine Art Photographer of the year 2016
Bourse du Talent 2016: finalist
Moscow Foto Awards 2016: with honors
Arpia prize 2016: nominated
QPN Award 2016: finalist
Lens Culture Earth Awards 2015: finalist
QPN Award 2015: finalist
Arpia prize 2014: nominated
Sony World Photography Awards 2013: 2nd prize in the categorie “Conceptuel”
International Emerging Artist Award 2013: finalist