Charles XELOT

There is gas under the tundra is long term project of massive scale. During three polar winters Charles Xelot explored the Arctic industry of gas production in the Yamal Peninsula, Russia. This photographic series illustrate the humanity’s appetite for energy and the realities of its gargantuan production. The naked tundra, which was once traversed by herds of reindeer and their herders, the Nenets, is now filled with pipes and flares. Tankers and ice-breakers navigate along the coast illuminating the night.



Du gaz sous la toundra

galerie Sit Down

11.03.2020 – 18.04.2020


Born in 1985. Charles Xelot works and lives between Paris and Saint-Petersburg.

Charles Xelot is a photographer specialized in Russia. Exploring the limit between art and documentary, he devoted himself for many years to the deepening of a subject. His favorite themes are related to social and environmental changes. His work is not time sensitive. Specialized in the creation of exclusive art book he collaborated with different foundations like the Neva Foundation in Geneva or the Timchenko Foundation in Moscow. He has published in few magazines like the British Journal of Photography, Figaro Magazine or Greenpeace magazine.

His photographs have been exhibited in museums like the Borusan Contemporary museum in Istanbul or the MMOMA in Moscow and is part of different important collections. He has published five books.