Robert McCabe

The American photographer, Robert A McCabe, began taking photographs in Greece in the 1950s, before mass tourism, and when the islands and villages each still maintained their unique traditional culture. 

In his pictures, McCabe has captured authentic scenes of Aegean life that can never be duplicated. He also  photographed many archaeological sites and has a unique record of their condition after the War. 




Greece, Images of an Enchanted Land, 1955

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08.11.2018 – 11.11.2018

SOLO SHOW : Greece, Images of an Enchanted Land, 1955

The Photography Show, AIPAD, New York

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Greece : the Innocent Years

SIT DOWN gallery

07.11.2008 – 17.01.2009


Robert McCabe was born in Chicago in 1934 and grew up in Rye, New York. His father worked for a picture newspaper in New York City, and as a result of his father’s gift of a Kodak Baby Brownie in 1939, McCabe started taking photographs when he was five. His earliest quest was for newsworthy photographs and he gathered images of hurricanes, drownings, and auto and train accidents. His interests shifted to people, still life, and landscapes during three years in western Massachusetts where little of dramatic interest occurred.
His first photographs of Europe were the result of a trip in 1954 to France, Italy, and Greece.  He returned to Greece in 1955 and 1957 and photographed the Cyclades for National Geographic.

His black and white photos were first exhibited in 1954 and 1955 at Firestone Library at Princeton University, and in a traveling exhibition which ensued. During this period he also appeared on television with Ambassador George Melas giving a photographic tour of Greece. In 1967 a selection of photographs was exhibited at the Olympic Gallery (now Olympic Tower) in New York City under the auspices of Spryos Skouras. The publication of his first book, Metamorphosis, was in 1979. Since then he has published more than 15 books and catalogs.

Mr. McCabe has exhibited his work in London, Paris, Brussels, in many locations in Greece including several in Athens, as well as in Patmos, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Monodendri, Corfu and Poros. He has also exhibited in the United States in New York City, Boston, and Jackson Hole, WY. In 2019 a permanent exhibition of his work was installed at the Greek Consulate in Boston

His published books cover subjects and locations in Greece, France, Italy, New York City, New England, Havana, China, and Antarctica.

Currently Mr. McCabe is working on several projects including books:  “Patmos”, “Kassos”,  “Portraits of the Greeks 1954-2017”; “The Greeks and Their Seas”. His newest book, Santorini: Portrait of a Vanished Era, co-written with Margarita Pournara, was just released through Abbeville Press (New York) and Patakis Publishers (Athens). On June 15, 2020 an exhibition on “The Last Monk of the Strofades” with Katerina Lymperopoulou will open at the Benaki Museum in Athens. An exhibition of his photographs of archaeological sites is currently up at the Archaeological Society at Athens, and an exhibition on Mycenae is scheduled to open at the Cambridge Archaeological Museum when the museum reopens. 


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