This series of seventy six prints composes a photographic inventory of the glaciers of the Mont Blanc massif in France conducted from 2012 to 2017 by Aurore Bagarry.
This young photographer, a graduate of the Gobelins and the Arles School of Photography, has carried out a descriptive and poetic project to survey the intricacies and singularities of Alpine glaciers.
These images, infused with a documentary style, reflect by its aesthetic concerns, a rereading of the photographs of explorations of the nineteenth century.
It is an act that reveals the beauty and fragility of these places and sounds the alarm on the disappearance that threatens them.

Roches, Aurore Bagarry’s new photographic project, revolves around research on water as an imprint on the landscape and on the notion of a natural border. Her field of investigation goes from the French northern shores to those of the south of England which face each other. The artist continues his approach of photographic atlas started with the series Glaciers and offers us a personal reading of the landscapes of La Manche through an inventory of the forms resulting from the slow erosion of the coastline.

Roches received the support of the Drac Bretagne (Aide Individuelle à la Création) in 2017 and that of the art center GwinZegal, Guingamp in 2019.




SIT DOWN gallery

06.03.2021 – 06.06.2021



Paris Photo FAIR

08.11.2018 – 11.11.2018


Salon Photo Doc. Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris

04.05.2018 – 06.05.2018



SIT DOWN gallery

24.10.2017 – 02.12.2017



SIT DOWN gallery

28.05.2015 – 24.06.2015


Aurore Bagarry was born in 1982 in Le Mans and lives in Saint Brieuc. She graduated in 2004 from the Gobelins school and in 2008 from the National Superior School of Photography in Arles. Her research was supported by the LVMH prize in 2008, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009, the Cnap in 2013, the Drac Bretagne in 2017 and the GwinZegal Art Center in 2019.

Educational background

2008 Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles’ degree, with honors.

2006 Erasmus exchange of one semester at the Ecole d’Arts Visuels, le 75, Photography, Brussels.

2002-2004 Photography’s degree, image processing at Gobelins, Ecole de l’Image, Paris.

Solo Shows


– Roches, Sit Down gallery, Paris

– Glaciers – January-February, Médiathèque de Taverny (95, Val d’Oise).

– Glaciers, Sit Down gallery, Paris

– Les Neiges Eternelles, as part of the artistic residency at the Maison de Hautetour, Saint-Gervais. Project realized with the support of the CNAP Fund to support contemporary documentary photography.

– Photos-Romans, artLIGRE gallery, Paris.

Group Shows

– January-April: Sans limite, photographie de montagne, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland.
– May-July, with Camille Michel and Anna Katharina Scheidegger, La Filature, Mulhouse.
Curator: Emmanuelle Walter


– Cnap! from 21 Avril to 30 September, Ministry of Culture and Communication, Paris
– FLASH ! Sit Down gallery, Paris


– Quand fond la neige, où va le blanc ?, with Isabelle Giovacchini and Catherine Noury, Sit Down gallery, Paris.
– Presentation of the series Glaciers, History Museum


– Tumulte gaulois, MARQ et Musée Bargoin, Clermont-Ferrand, from 13 June to 23 November.
– Semaine des Arts, Université Paris 8, from 20 to 28 March.


– 50 ans de Photographies à Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’image, Paris, from 12 to 21 November.
– Les Neiges Eternelles, as part of the artistic residency at the Maison de Hautetour, Saint-Gervais. Project carried out with the support of the Fund for contemporary documentary photography.


– Journal Japonais, exhibition presented in the context of the Image Publique 2012: Paysages et territoires, Rennes et Métropole from 9 October to 4 November.
– Lunette de Nuit, event around video art, ECCE, Paris.
– Modèles-Modèles, Espace Esperluette, Cavaillon.
– Mini Don, Grand Don N°3, Espace Cinko, Paris.
– Photos-Romans, artLIGRE gallery, Paris.


– Die Nacht / La Nuit #113, Arte, broadcast of the collective film : France – Brazil.


– Voir la Nuit, in situ video, Arles.


– Artcourtvideo, Arles.
– Instants Vidéos Numériques et Poétiques, 21th édition, Marseille.
– 15th prize LVMH of young creators, La nécessité de la répétition, tribute to Alberto Giacometti, Pont Neuf gallery, Paris.
– Exhibitions of young graduates of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, Arles.
– Les Photographiques, Le Mans.


– Roulez Jeunesse ! Réseau de l’Age d’Or, Avignon.

Collections / Acquisitions

Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland
Mairie de Saint Gervais, France
Private collections


2017 Catalogue of the exhibition Sans Limite, Photographies de Montagne, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne

2015 Glaciers, Editions h’artpon, Paris, May 2015

2012 Qu’avez-vous fait de la photographie ? ENSP, Actes Sud Beaux Arts, photogrammes

2008 Rendez-vous, Editions En Marge, Paris, portfolio

2006 Catalogue, Festival Diaporama à Nantes, videotapes


– Le Temps, January 28th
– Radio Télévision Suisse, interview, February 1th


– L’intervalle, interview, November 11th


– L’Alpe n°71, December
– Géants, le spectacle de la montagne, interview, September
– Libération, August 20th and November 17th, interview
– Le Figaro, June 30th
– Radio Canada, June 
– Le Parisien, interview, May 25th
– Télérama, May 27th


– CHEAP #07, July 
– Cacao Europa, February, Les Sphinx de Louqsor, Portfolio


– Greenlinkers: Interview, November.
– Le Monde des Livres, thursday 14th February


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– Libération, July 24th, cahier d’été, portfolio
– Photos Nouvelles, July-August, portfolio


– Inframince n°2, workshop with Dominique Auerbecher


– Centre National des Arts Plastiques : support to the first exhibition


– Centre National des Arts Plastiques : support fund for contemporary documentary photography.
– Residency in June at the Maison Forte of Hautetour, with the support of the Saint-Gervais-Les Bains (74).
– Residency at the Escuela of the Fotografia Creativa,
Buenos-Aires, Argentina.


– Egide Scholarship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Centre Franco-Egyptien d’Etude des Temples de Karnak, CNRS, Karnak, Egypt.
– Residency of the Escuela of the Fotografia Creativa, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


– 15th prize LVMH of young creators, La nécessité de la répétition, tribute to Alberto Giacometti, France.
– Public’s prize, WIP, Student Association of the Ecole Nationale de la Photographie d’Arles, France.
– Workshop with Eric Baudelaire, Dominique Auerbecher and Hans-Peter Feldmann.


– Générali Prize, awarded by Sophie Ristelhueber and Patrick Lebescont, France.
– Workshop with Eric Dessert on the renovation of the neighborhood Saint-Gilles in Bruxelles.


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