Jean-Michel ANDRÉ


This project started in the Calais jungle the day before the shantytown was evacuated in 2016. for three years, Jean-Michel André continued working on it in France, Italy, Spain and Tunisia, where he met refugees looking for a roof over their heads: women, children and men whose only wealth is the infinite time of hope. Borders is not designed as a linear series, nor is it really a narrative: more like a collection of stories. André photographs the traces of the areas he travels across by revealing shadows, wandering and the fragile border between the real and the imaginary, memory and the present. Time floats and spaces are uncertain.




Haute Photographie, Amsterdam

09.15.2022 – 09.18.2022


Galerie SIT DOWN

11.05.2021 – 12.11.2021


Paris Photo 2021

11.11.2021 – 11.14.2021


Les Rencontres d’Arles

04.07.2021 – 26.09.2021


Jean-Michel André was born in Nantes in 1976. He graduated from the Gobelins school in 2000 and pursues a creative career at the intersection of visual and documentary art. His approach is based on a political and poetic vision of the territory. He questions its limits, its memory and its evolutions. He also explores the notion of circulation, and particularly that of economic, financial and migratory flows.

His work is shown in exhibitions, residencies and publications in France and abroad.