“The stone
At the beginning, it is the meeting of a stone forgotten in Japan, found, chosen, felt, carried by hand . It’s discovering its material and reading its form.
… I leave the world of volume and try to translate the idea of “stone” through drawing, without its gravity and its inertia. I work on the thematic. Through my drawings, I observe them without constraint in notebooks like a diary and a succession of thoughts. I use different media and explore all possibilities . The repetitive gesture traces new forms and creates new interpretations. These accumulations are stretched to the point of abstraction. The exhaustion, the stretching, the repetition of forms are in perpetual movement.
The composition is reworked, reduced to a minimum. The detail disappears, making visible a plasticity of forms. My attention is focused on the idea of reflections, a double reading that leads the eye into another reality.“

Martine Schildge

Rêver la pierre

Toucher l'éclat de l'ombre

Born in 1951, Martine Schildge lives and works in Paris.


Language of landscape (group show)

Art Paris Fair (Grand Palais Ephémère)

04.07.2022 – 04.10.2022

Paths (duo show)

Galerie Sit Down

04.01.2022 – 05.08.2022