Stateside is an outsiders view of the American Dream. As an English man traveling the American landscape, it appeared to Matt Wilson that the American Dream ended some time ago and has been resolutely disappeared since the 1970s. His incredibly sensitive and humanist vision of an America now forever lost, produces ineffable images of the different countries he travels according to mood and encounters

Photographed by Matt Wilson, every place – road, improbable area or residence – seems charged with personal history. Scenes captured recall the atmosphere of American films of the sixties. 



Stateside (duo show)

The Photography Show presented by AIPAD

03.31.23 – 04.02.23


Matt Wilson is a British photographer born in 1969 in Tonbridge (Kent, UK). In 1988, he moved to New York where he discovered his passion for photography. Self-taught, he learnt about analogue photography techniques through his various experiences as photographer’s assistant and in darkrooms. He eventually started exhibiting his prints in New York where he was spotted by Christine Ollier, then director of the gallery Les Filles du Calvaire in Paris, thus enabling him to gain international recognition.

Matt Wilson’s work is punctuated by his travels and encounters around the world (Ukraine, Cuba, United States, Lithuania…). His landscapes are the result of a meticulous work of composition and use of light which are reminiscent of the paintings of masters such as John Constable or Jacob van Ruisdael and evoke authentic travel diaries.

In 2015, he began a residency in Lithuania that led to the Hinterland series, which shows us the local rural landscape and the last inhabitants of villages that are on the verge of disappearing, through a vision that is both poetic and social, tinged with mystery. In Stateside, a project that he carried out since 2011, Matt Wilson focuses on the representation of forgotten American landscapes, symbols of the dissolution of The American Dream.

He was a finalist for the International Colour Award in 2007, the American Photography 22 in 2006 as well as for the Leica Oscar Barnack Award in 2015.


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