Côté Fenêtre

This series, created during a residency for the festival Planches Contact, takes us with great sensitivness into moments captured during train trips between Paris and Deauville. The series is composed of both landscapes and portraits, sometimes in black and white, sometimes in color. The ambiguity between closed and open spaces, between unknown faces and familiar scenes, gives a singular rhythm to this wandering.

Antoine Lecharny was awarded with the Jury Prize of Tremplin Jeunes Talents of the festival Planches Contact in 2021.



galerie Sit Down

03.03.23 – 04.15.23


Antoine Lecharny is a photographer and visual artist born in 1995. At 20 years old, he traveled around Transylvania to photograph and share the lives of Roma families in the slums of Deva. At their sides, he tries to capture the ties that bind these families together and their relationship to an often hostile environment. This work, awarded at the Paris Match Grand Prize for student photojournalism, was presented at the Paris City Hall in 2019.

Then, little by little, Antoine Lecharny begins to photograph differently and discards a purely documentary intention without ever ceasing to pay attention to the singularity of people and the places they inhabit.

He won the Public Prize at the Boutographies festival in 2021 for his series Même pas morts. Nominated the same year for the Tremplin Jeunes Talents of the festival Planches Contact in Deauville, he won the Jury Prize for his series Côté Fenêtre, which is now part of the Marin Karmitz collection.

In parallel to his photographic work, he has been drawing and sculpting for years. After studying at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle, he launched Abstract Design with Henri Frachon, which received the Audi Talents 2020 award. Their manifesto project Trou, triangle, jonc doucine et dissonance has been exhibited in 2021 at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Antoine Lecharny is represented by RGM agency and is in collaboration with Plus One Agency. 


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